pain-pills-dutch1 Nutrients, pain relievers, solutions: all types of drug are accessible in the Netherlands. Various sorts of medication are, notwithstanding, tracked down in different various areas. Some will be in your neighborhood pharmacy, close to the child food. Others should be recommended by a Dutch GP, and gathered from a drug store. Find out where to get what on this page. It will likewise offer a little data on obtaining elective types of medication in NL.

THE Pharmacy AND THE Drug store / pain-pills-dutch1pain-pills-dutch1

  1. The Pharmacy; pain-pills-dutch1
    ‘Drogisterij’ (pharmacies) don’t stock physician recommended drugs. You ought to visit the drogisterij when you are needing an over-the-counter cure. Non-prescription meds incorporate things like:

Throat capsules
Homeopathic prescriptions
Pain killers
Drogisterij likewise hold:

Beauty care products
Cleaning supplies
Child equations and food varieties.

  1. The Drug store; pain-pills-dutch1
    Like pharmacies, ‘apotheeken’ (drug stores or pharmacists) offer:

Over-the-counter (non-physician recommended) drugs
Homeopathic prescriptions
Newborn child equations
Some child food varieties
Clinical supplies

Doctor prescribed Medicine / pain-pills-dutch1


Generally, physician recommended drugs are filled at an apotheek
The apotheek modernizes your solutions and keeps a nearby watch on the medications you are taking. This empowers them to stay away from drug connection
Most apotheeken charge your insurance agency straightforwardly for the expenses of professionally prescribed medication
Apotheeken typically have ordinary opening times. Be that as it may, there will constantly be an apotheek open in the nights and on ends of the week
You can get a timetable from any apotheek. It will show when each apotheeken in your space is open. On the off chance that you don’t approach a timetable, the name of the closest apotheek that is open night-time ought to be posted on your neighborhood apotheek’s entryway. In the event that it isn’t, you will actually want to track down it on their site.
Elective Medication. pain-pills-dutch1
Homeopathic drugs can be bought at either an apotheek, drogisterij or a reformhuis (wellbeing food store).

Elective structures medication, similar to needle therapy and homeopathy, are exceptionally well known in the Netherlands.


Not at all like at the pharmacy, you can gather medicine that your primary care physician has endorsed you from the ‘apotheek’. This is the thing you want to be aware of it: pain-pills-dutch1

Truth be told, a few homeopathic prescriptions can be bought at either an apotheek, a drogisterij or a ‘reformhuis’ (wellbeing food store). For more data on elective meds, reach out to the ‘Infolijn Alternatieve Geneeswijzen’: The elective medication data line. Our article on other clinical issues in the Netherlands could help you too.

The apotheek, the drug store or physicist, is where you acquire recommended drugs and other related things, like non-solution hack syrup, nutrients, pain killers and homeopathic medications. You might be shocked to observe that a few things are just accessible by remedy in The Netherlands, despite the fact that they might be accessible without a solution in another nation (as well as the other way around).

You can pick which drug store you need to utilize. You’ll find phone numbers and addresses in the phone directory or business repository. It’s ideal to continuously involve a similar drug specialist as they’ll understand what medications you’re at present taking and can prompt on mixes and communications.

Recept is the Dutch word for solution. Medicines may just be given by a specialist. The person might ask which drug store you might want to gather your medication from and reach them for your benefit. Workers at the drug store are qualified, authorized drug specialists and can address your inquiries concerning the medications you are getting and about minor clinical objections. Opening times are typically 08.00 – 17.30 hrs, Mondays-Fridays and most are open for a couple of hours on Saturdays too. In the event that you really want prescription external opening times, you can go to a dienstapotheek or crisis drug store. They are implied exclusively for doctor prescribed drug and additionally tops off. See crisis drug store.

Medicine; pain-pills-dutch1


Your GP can suggest medicine and give you a solution (recept). Assuming you live in a nation where the specialist normally endorses medication for your diseases, then, at that point, you wouldn’t believe that Dutch specialists are frequently liable to suggest that you essentially return home and rest. Dutch specialists are more carefull on recommending anti-infection agents than most different nations. The medications in The Netherlands are not generally similar meds recommended in different nations. Assuming you are taking medicine recommended to you in another country, it is ideal to show these to your PCP as well as drug specialist.

Non-professionally prescribed drugs / pain-pills-dutch1

Sub route

A few medications don’t need a remedy and these are likewise accessible at the apotheek or drug store. The drug specialist there is likewise accessible to give exhortation about medications and their purposes. A drogist or drogisterij is a shop that sells over-the-counter drugs, particularly homeopathic meds, as well as everyday individual cleanliness things, scents, child supplies, and so forth. They are normally more affordable than at a drug store. In the event that you go to a drogist and request a non-remedy sensitivity reliever, you might get something else than you would get at your physicist.

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